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At Elroy's, COVID-19 Safety Isn't Just One Thing. It's Everything.
Everything we do for you
  • Daily staff temperature readings
  • Obsessive hand washing
  • No-Excuses mask wearing
  • Frequent disinfecting of all common surfaces
  • Plexiglass partitions located throughout the store
  • Availability of hand sanitizer and masks for customers
  • Social distancing protocols
  • Bathroom scrubbings and posted rules
  • Mandatory cleaning schedules
  • Relentless sanitizing of carts and baskets
  • Regular monitoring of all new official recommendations


Everything you do for us
  • Self-screening before entering
  • Sanitizer when you enter and whenever
  • Keeping your own mask on at ALL times (unless eating or drinking)
  • Social distancing—Staying 6 feet away from shoppers, diners, drinkers, and staff
  • Coughing or sneezing into your elbow
  • Contactless payment if possible