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Work with the Most Fun Foodies on the Planet

Do you love food and the Elroy's Fine Foods mission? You may be a perfect fit to join our rockstar team!

Every single member of the Elroy’s Fine Foods team shares a passion for food and our wonderful customers. We work hard to provide an inspiring experience for our customers, but we also take time to enjoy our real lives. We enforce a healthy work-life balance—no work weeks over 40 hours over here!At Elroy’s Fine Foods, we believe that life is precious. We are proud of the work we put in to make Elroy’s Fine Foods the incredible place that it is, but we also spend intentional time with our loved ones and enjoying this amazing Earth we live on.

Would you make a great Elroy's Fine Foods team member?

Perhaps you are passionate about healthy, organic foods. Maybe you enjoy the finer foods in life. Or maybe you’d be thrilled to offer truly inspired, delicious items. No matter what your food passion is, a superstar Elroy’s Fine Foods team member has a passion for food first and foremost.But beyond a love for food, Elroy’s Fine Foods team members are proud to provide exceptional customer service. They understand that Elroy’s Fine Foods is not just a grocery store—it’s The Uncommon Market, providing a superior shopping experience and friendly community feel to everyone who visits. As an Elroy’s Fine Foods team member, customer service should be part of your DNA.

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    If you’re a foodie who is proud to give good service
    and loves being part of a vibrant, hardworking team,
    we invite you to apply below.