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Get Your Bulk Without the Junk

It’s time to upgrade your bulk buying experience. At your typical grocer (even high-end stores), bulk grocery items are sold from plastic bins that can leach chemicals onto your healthy foods. Not at Elroy’s! We are one of only two stores in the United states that uses glass and stainless-steel bins to serve up our 100% organic bulk items.

Elroy’s beautiful, full service, chef-selected bulk section offers a superb array of local and organic grains, flours, nuts and nut butters, seeds, dried beans, oils and vinegars, salts and peppers, custom tea and spice blends, adaptogens, and dried locally foraged mushrooms. Through a completely full-service program, orders are placed online or in store and seamlessly fulfilled by Elroy’s in reusable, non-plastic or compostable containers and organic cotton bags.

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